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How long has it been since you change your wiper blades. This can be a hazardous driving situation if they are worn out and not working properly, making it hard to see the road and cars in front of you. … Continue reading

A vehicle that is running rough could be as simple as needing spark plugs and wires. The best way to determine your car’s issue is to have a mechanic diagnose the problem and make the repairs. #SparkPlug #Wires #Diagnose #Mechanic

It is never a good idea to try and diagnose a vehicle yourself unless you are a professional. This can lead to replacing parts that don’t need replacing and wasted time and money. Take your vehicle to a professional you … Continue reading

If your car is not starting it could be something simple as a battery or something more complicated like a fuel pump or starter.  The best thing to do is to have it diagnosed by a professional so you aren’t … Continue reading

Do you have fluid leaking in the front floorboard of your car? It could be A heater core going bad, another sign is the windshield steaming up or losing coolant. It is best to have this diagnosed and repaired by a … Continue reading

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