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If you are constantly having to add water or coolant to your vehicle, it’s best to get it looked at right away by a certified trustworthy mechanic. If the engine overheats and gets too hot it can cause serious and … Continue reading

  If your transmission looks like this…. Then you definitely have a problem. No second opinion needed. #Tranmission #shifting  #Busted #Diagnosed

There are a few reasons why you might smell gas while driving your car. One could be due to a problem with a fuel injector. The only way to find out is to have it checked out by a reliable … Continue reading

If you have a coolant leak don’t panic, it isn’t always a bad radiator causing the problem. Sometimes a coolant leak can be something simple as a bad hose or loose clamp. The only way to know for sure is … Continue reading

Waiting until your vehicle breaks down to fix it can end up in costly repairs. Keeping up with routine maintenance can prevent breakdowns by catching a problem before it gets worse. In the end the routine maintenance will save you … Continue reading

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